By Being Willing, you allow God to Do things in your Life. - a spiritually uplifting article

"God is a God of Love and He does not teach through fear
or use fear in any way." -- David Nelmes

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Share in the experience of God being a God of Love that does not teach through fear or use fear in any way. Be open to see his unconditional love is for all, and your mind will be healed.

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The Spirit of The Golden Rule The Spirit of The Golden Rule
Does it really matter that you do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Is there a link between what you give and what you get back or experience? If so, how do we learn how to give and receive in a way that is helpful to all?
The Key to Living Prosperously The Key to Living Prosperously
The world has provided many ways through which you can make money and propser, but those ideas often include taking from others. Let's see how to do this while seeing your brothers with love.
The Jesus I Know The Jesus I Know
The Jesus I know is vastly different than the one I believed I knew in years past. Here is how I now see Jesus, my brother, my guide, the one who helped open our minds for God to speak to us ...

A Course In Miracles

A Lifetime Inspiration

I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what
   to do, because He who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing
   He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.

- A Course in Miracles - Textbook Chapter 2, Part V, verse 18

Thoughts For Daily Living

By Being Willing To See, You Will Discover a God of Love

There is nothing God requires that you do. There is no payment or sacrifice he requires or desires. There is no path to discover by racking your brain in trying to figure out what it is that God would have you do. There is no physical thing in the entire universe that you need to give God or to those who claim they follow God. There is only one thing that God desires from you and that is for you to Be Willing.

  • Be Willing to see clearly.
  • Be Willing to choose differently.
  • Be Willing to set aside what the world has taught you.
  • Be Willing to be what he would have you be.

Your willingness creates an opening in your being that allows the Holy Spirit to Do things. It allows the Holy Spirit to heal you, teach you and guide you. Learn to Be willing and you'll truly see what God Can Do.

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David Nelmes - being willing, God, truth, based upon the truth, God of love, teaches through fear, fear, loving God, not from God, spiritual, David Nelmes, payment, sacrifice, path to discover, entire universe, see clearly, choose differently, world has taught, Holy Spirit, what God can Do, The Bible, A Course In MiraclesDavid Nelmes - I consider it a wonderful blessing that my insight and writings can provide opportunities for those around me to see things from perspectives they had not considered before. I pursue Gods truths and am open and willing to see what God would have me see. You are invited to join me.

I have no official title and am not affiliated with any specific religion or church group, but I am open to listen to everyone and am also willing to speak to everyone. God does not make these boundaries and so I try not to create them either.

My background was Pentecostal, but I found myself "backsliding" often as a teen and young-adult and I just slipped off the religious map for more than a decade. As much as I had a love for my God and Jesus, there seemed to be such a one-sided and almost hopeless battle to please him and be worthy of salvation, and this often left me feeling empty...hollow.

Years later, after once again beginning to get close to God, I was telling somebody about how God has the right to do whatever he wants to you, since he created you and therefore you should just be grateful to do as he's the potter and the clay analogy. The persons response was somewhere along the line of:

"If God is like without compassion and so much just wanting his own way, or else...why would you want to spend an eternity with him? You would never feel safe since you would always be fearful of making sure you didn't do things to displease him...and you moment you do displease him, he'll torture or kill you."

Accurate or not, this line of thinking helped me open my mind and my heart to clearly see that the real face of God is one of unconditional love. My writings and teachings are based upon truths I have uncovered as I walk closer to seeing God as he really is and not as man has written him to be.

My favorite suggestion is to learn to "Step Back" from your position or viewpoint and allow yourself to see the bigger picture and a new interpretation of what you believe are the facts. It was inevitable that as a primitive people, we would be fearful of everything we did not understand...especially God. It is also inevitable that we would slowly set aside our fears and misconceptions and begin to be more open to see things more truthfully...even if they seem contrary to what we have been taught for centuries. Changing our minds about what our ancestors believed, does not make them wrong, it just makes their perceptions and beliefs a required and natural step of growth, but not the end of growth.

I embrace growth, and my articles are the results of my growth. My writings are words from God, for everyone and anyone open to hear them. Even though I have written these articles, I get inspired and experience new growth each time I read them again and I encourage you to do the same. When your heart is open for truth, the fear of change withdraws and is replaced with a peaceful life force that stimulates new growth and creation. Pursue truth. It will never hurt you and there is nothing to fear. God is not looking to trip you...only to lift you. He is here. Let his truth in.

David Nelmes
David Nelmes

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