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How Does God Expect His Work to Be Financed Today?

through David Nelmes

There seem to be so many places on earth that have yet to receive the word of God, and so many places, even within the United States, where there are an insufficient number of churches, private school...

Q: How Does God Expect His Work to Be Financed Today?

There seem to be so many places on earth that have yet to receive the word of God, and so many places, even within the United States, where there are an insufficient number of churches, private schools, tv stations, etc -- that could be further promoting the Gospel.

Of course, all this costs money and if everyone truly tithed as required by God, we would have no problem -- but this really does not happen. Where are we supposed to get the money necessary to perform God's work? How do we finance things necessary to promote the Gospel and spread the word of God?

A: Your concern includes something that God neither knows of nor is concerned with -- 'Time'. We see things 'coming to and end', or 'developing badly', but all these points of views are based upon our inability to see past the days, years and decades we personally seem to exist in.

Imagine for a moment if you had all eternity to help somebody see something more truthfully, would you still be so concerned about the same things you think you must do 'now'. Not at all. Actually, if you did see that time did not matter and if you did see that everyone has all eternity to see God differently, then you would also finally see that there is nothing you need to do to help God, other than to be open to hear him and gently share these thoughts with the world.

There are no deadlines in eternity, so why create them here?

With respect directly to finances, there is nothing physical that God needs from anyone so that he can share his message of love. The whole concept of being required to give, such as tithing, is totally out of character with the concept of unconditional love -- which means there are no conditions or requirements from God to have all his blessing at your feet at all time.

To believe that God or any organization who claims to represent God, needs your financial help to accomplish something that God needs done, is an error in thinking. There is nothing that needs to be done that the Holy Spirit and Jesus are not already working on -- and all without ever having spent a dime -- because eternity has no need for money.

With every resource of all creation at God's disposal, how small and insignificant would God have to be to need your money?

So then, do you never donate? Of course you do, but never donate out of sacrifice or because you think you are required, or because you think you need to. Only ever donate because it's how you have chosen to be helpful. God works with what we do and helps to extend the love and forgiveness that our giving initiates -- but he does not need it to help others. It is just a way of saying you want to be a part of how God is already helping.

You get what you give, so whatever you want, quietly, peacefully and lovingly give that thing to others and it will return to you in some way. This is similar to the concept of tithing, but the difference is that tithing is required and also demands a specific minimal rate be given. In addition, tithing specifically includes giving possessions or money, but true giving never includes such things.

If you want to be at peace, then desire and be open for others to be at peace. If you want to experience abundance of health and blessings, then desire and be open for others to be abundant.

If you truly want to be helpful to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, then close your eyes and say that you are open to be forgiving. Say that you are open to be at peace. Say that you are open to be loving. Say that you are willing to see things differently and be open to see things clearly. Say that you allow into your life, that which the Holy Spirit knows is best -- and provide none of your own ideas. Just be open for the Holy Spirit to decide for you -- and then you will have done the one and only thing that God needs from you -- you will have opened yourself to drawing closer to him -- and that's what he wants.

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