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Why Does God Allow Suffering in the World?

through David Nelmes

If God really exists and is a loving and compassionate god, why doesn't He do something about all the suffering and evil in the world? If He is loving and merciful why does He allow such horrible events...

Q: Why Does God Allow Suffering in the World?

If God really exists and is a loving and compassionate god, why doesn't He do something about all the suffering and evil in the world? If He is loving and merciful why does He allow such horrible events as hurricanes, earthquakes, and famine? Why does God permit suffering and evil to exist? If god genuinely loves us, why does he allow disaster? Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Why does God let catastrophes take place in the world?

A: God does not allow, endorse or create suffering of any kind. All suffering is a result of what we have fabricated, allowed, and accepted as inevitable. Only love and peace emanates from God.

If this world is what we made, then still, you might wonder why god does not stop it, just as an earthly father would grab his child before running across the path of a car.

Let's start there. If you saw your child running across the path of an oncoming vehicle, what is your motivation to save him? You are motivated because you fear for his safety and do not want him injured or killed.

Alternatively, if you saw you child running across a poster of an oncoming vehicle, would you have any thought at all? Probably not. Why? Because you see no threat and know there is no problem.

As your child turns and faces the poster and sees this oncoming vehicle, he may become confused and even terrified because he does not understand what it is. His mind instantly fabricates worlds of possible scenarios with outcomes and conclusions and further possibilities--but none of it is real.

You could yank him away and say it's not real, but that action might even terrify him more. Instead, you could come up behind him and tell him that it's OK. You can tell him that he's going to be fine. You could tell him that if he would just take your hand, everything will be OK and you'll walk him past what he thinks is a terrible situation.

We are that child. This world and entire physical universe is that child. We stand terrified of a world and of countless situations where we believe we are in peril, but we are not.

God created us as spiritual beings in an eternity before this physical universe existed. at some point, we followed a path of thinking that was not in line with God's thinking and we experienced one second of eternity without knowing our father was with us. We appear to be within that one second of eternity right now.

From our Fathers knowing, he sees that our spiritual beings are totally fine, however, we appear as though we are sleeping or dreaming, since we no longer communicate with him like we used to.

This physical reality is the dream, or for some, the nightmare where God seems to have abandoned us, but that is not so. None of this is real, from a spiritual point of view. No matter what happens here, we remain untouched. That was what Jesus proved when he returned after appearing to have died. He showed that no matter what might appear to happen here, you, the real spirit that is you, remains untouched for all eternity.

So then, why does God allow suffering? He doesn't, because it's not eternal and therefore it's not real. To ease the pain we accept by distancing ourselves from God, he sent the Holy Spirit to help us regain our communication with Him and hear his words that it's OK and to just grab hold of his hand. Fear has paralyzed us here and until we truly open our hearts to unconditional love, peace and forgiveness, we will continue to hesitate to reach for his hand so that he could lead us out of here.

We are here by choice and we can live in a world of suffering and disaster, or we can listen to his voice and allow him to show us this world differently. We can allow him to reach into our minds and heal the scars and remove the guilt and gradually grow more open to accepting his voice as the only voice to follow. When this happens, this world will be transformed into a more peaceful and happier place and then our fears will rescind and then our vision will clear and then we will finally see our Fathers hand reaching towards us. When we grab hold, he will walk us away from this fearful dream we constructed and will take us home to eternal peace, love and happiness--and this one second of eternity that was this entire physical universe, will simply fade away, as any dream should.

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