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Why Won't God Heal Amputees?

through David Nelmes

Cancers appear to go away or into remission--spinal cords appear to recover, wounds appear to heal quickly, a bad cold or flu goes away, yet, in all the history of recorded miracles, none have included the...

Q: Why Won't God Heal Amputees?

Cancers appear to go away or into remission--spinal cords appear to recover, wounds appear to heal quickly, a bad cold or flu goes away, yet, in all the history of recorded miracles, none have included the restoration of a missing limb. Why is this? And why isn't the obvious answer that all these other so-called miracles are simply things that can be claimed so easily--with no real evidence? The logical solution should be that there are no miracles, which should appear obvious since there is no way to claim that a limb has been restored unless it really has, thus, none have been claimed to have grown back. How gullable are we?

A: The occurrence of miracles and how we define what they are, are almost always confused with originating and existing on the physical level, but they do not.

Miracles occur when the mind accepts to see something as God already sees it, and this is in reference to our spirit, not the body.

The body is an effect of the state of being of our spirit and mind. Any attempt to heal the body is an attempt to fix the effect of the problem and not the cause of the problem.

Consider this, when watching a movie, if you were to run up to your screen and attempt to bandage a wound you see, will this have any effect? Of course not. You are attempting to alter the effect. The source, or in this case, the film itself, is what requires alteration in order for you to see any difference on the TV screen.

Likewise, any attempt to heal the body is a useless measure in attempting to bandage the TV screen. The body is not the source of the problem. How we see the body, what we think it is for and how we believe it should react, these are the perceptions in our mind that need healing, then, having healed the source, the image we see may change.

For the most part, we all still believe in difficulty in levels of miracles. We believe in big miracles and small ones--hard ones and easy ones--and this is why we often see only minimal effects in our physical world.

The healing of your mind that might result in the effect of seeing a limb restored, is no different than the healing of your mind that might result in the effect of not catching the flu--but we think one is harder--or even impossible--and in this world, we get what we believe is possible or inevitable.

God has nothing at all to do with healing amputees in the same way that he has nothing to due in selecting any specific person with any form of healing. All healing is available to everyone at all times. God has never selected or blessed any specific person with healing, but has provided all of us with the total capacity to accept healing at any instant. If you have things that need healing, it is because there is something within you that is not allowing it to occur. God is not testing you or teaching you a lesson or punishing you. None of that form of thinking is true at all.

We all have need of healing, but to open yourself for what is totally and freely given to all, you must remove from your lives, those things that prevent your mind from opening up and allowing the total blessings of God to be manifest.

To achieve healing, first remember that all healing is of the mind because that is the source of who you are and this body is simply a projection. To pray for a new leg is pointless because that is not the cause, but is simply the effect of what you mind has accepted or allowed.

Pray instead that your mind be healed of how it sees the body. Open yourself to see things differently. Open your mind to the Holy Spirit and allow him to purge your thoughts of guilt, unforgiveness, anger, sacrifice and fear, because it is these traits that have closed your mind to accepting miracles as a normal part of living here. Miracles are supposed to be a normal part of learning and growing here, not just rare an obscure events.

Your focus should never be on healing the body, but on healing the mind. As the mind is healed, all projections it makes will change for the better as we perceive things differently. This may or may not result in physical things to change, but this is not what matters. What matters is that the Holy Spirit knows exactly what is necessary for you to experience to be drawn closer to God and he will use everything at his disposal to help you open your mind more and more each day to accept healing.

Healing is the result of being forgiving because forgiveness undoes, or heals the mind in releasing the past and eliminating any importance or ownership on ideas we thought were our own and replaces them with thoughts and ideas that are from God.

I know it may be hard to really fathom this, but that's what the physical world is meant to do--to confuse us and limit us. Learn to work on that part of you that is beyond the reaches of this physical world and then you will more clearly see, understand and experience what miracles and healing are truly about.

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