By Being Willing, you allow God to Do things in your Life. - a spiritually uplifting article

"God is a God of Love and He does not teach through fear
or use fear in any way."     -- David Nelmes
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What would you ask Jesus? What would you ask God? What would you like to know about life, beliefs and eternity? Ask your spiritual questions here and find your answers here.

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New QuestionQ: What do you do when somebody pushes their judgmental beliefs on you?

We have an employee at work that makes it clear to everyone that he is a devout Baptist. I prefer not to discuss religion with him or anyone, yet one day out of nowhere he approached me and said, "You know more

New QuestionQ: How can a God of love send anyone to Hell?

I know that the Bible and most beliefs all deduce or rationalize that God would rather that nobody did go to Hell, but still, if he truly loved everyone, how or why would he even had allowed the situa more

New QuestionQ: Why Do The Gospels Often Show Jesus Using A Language Of Fear?

I have written to you once before. A while ago now. I really like your site. I personally feel I need to hear that "God is a God of Love and He does not teach through fear or use fear in any way" rath more

New QuestionQ: How Does God Guide You In Making Hard Decisions?

There seems to be an almost unending series of problems in my life and I rarely find an answer that really fixes the problems. They say you should be able to pray and ask God to help you or guide you, more

New QuestionQ: How Does God Expect His Work to Be Financed Today?

There seem to be so many places on earth that have yet to receive the word of God, and so many places, even within the United States, where there are an insufficient number of churches, private school more

Q: Who or what does God hate?

It's very clear in the Bible where God hates the enemies of its chosen people, since his usual response is to have his enemies killed. God has very clearly been shown to destroy entire cities because more

Q: Why does God say ‘No’?

What's the point of asking God for things when it seems as though God almost always says "No!". I'd like a better job--"No!" I want to pay off all my debt--"No!" I'd like to go on vacation some day --"No more

Q: Does God Want You To Be Rich?

Depending upon how you read the Bible, it can indicate that lack and suffering is normal or even required, yet it also talks of promises of having all your needs met and living in a land of milk and hon more

Q: Why Does God Let Satan Roam Free?

According to the Bible, satan had been cast down to earth to tempt, torment and distract everyone who was ever born. If any single person, (Adam or Eve) gave into temptation even once, God handed over more

Q: What Does God Have To Say about Harry Potter?

I've heard all kinds of things about how the Harry Potter series is the work of the devil or how Harry Potter is misleading young children into serving Satan. These claims sound rather extreme, yet there more

Q: How Does God Guide Us?

We are told to 'let God drive', let God pilot your life', 'put God in charge', 'trust in God'--and the list goes on, but nothing often seems to change or improve. How exactly does God guide us? How do more

Q: Why Won't God Heal Amputees?

Cancers appear to go away or into remission--spinal cords appear to recover, wounds appear to heal quickly, a bad cold or flu goes away, yet, in all the history of recorded miracles, none have included the more

Q: Do you forgive out of fear or obligation?

When you forgive somebody, is it alright to forgive them simply because you fear how God will treat you if you don't forgive them? The answer seems obvious, but if you really don't feel like forgiving more

Q: Why Does God Allow Suffering in the World?

If God really exists and is a loving and compassionate god, why doesn't He do something about all the suffering and evil in the world? If He is loving and merciful why does He allow such horrible events more

Q: Why does God's behavior vary so much in the bible?

In the Old Testament, God is this super angry, genocidal maniac. In the New Testament, according to Jesus, God is this cuddly teddy bear that loves everyone-- until you get to the Book of Revelations where more

Q: How does one learn how to be willing?

In your article about Being Willing you mentioned or rather suggested that one learn how to be willing. "Learn to Be willing and you'll truly see what God Can Do." My question is how does one more

Q: What do you think about hell?

Hey I love your site and I'm glad I found this site because you talk about the true loving God I've always believed in. I was just wondering what you thought about hell?? I believe hell is a man made invention more

Q: Do we just disregard anything bad about God in the Bible?

You mention that the story of Noah never happened and that God would never kill all those innocent people. The story of Noah is mentioned throughout the New Testament as well. Matthew 24:38 for example more

Spiritual Discussions

Concept: God Hates Nothing

I recently ran across a 20/20 segment where a group of people were spreading the word that God hates--almost everything. Although life can sometimes make this statement appear as though it may be true more

Concept: A Course in Miracles (ACIM) -- as Data

Upon reading 'A Course In Miracles' the first time, it was difficult to image how I could ever apply all its concepts and live as though I am totally forgiving and totally loving--which pretty much concludes more

Concept: A quick review of how I see the Bible

When I was younger, (teen/young adult) many aspects of my life focused on church and the Bible. I was a bible toting junior in high school and proudly read my Bible in class when completed with that da more

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His base beliefs are founded on the principles established through studying "A Course In Miracles", which has helped him to pursue Gods truths with an open mind that is willing to see what God would have him see.

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