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How can a God of love send anyone to Hell?

through David Nelmes

I know that the Bible and most beliefs all deduce or rationalize that God would rather that nobody did go to Hell, but still, if he truly loved everyone, how or why would he even had allowed the situa...

Q: How can a God of love send anyone to Hell?

I know that the Bible and most beliefs all deduce or rationalize that God would rather that nobody did go to Hell, but still, if he truly loved everyone, how or why would he even had allowed the situation to occur where somebody could go to hell? Was God shortsighted? Was he unable to see the long term results of a situation he allowed to exist? Knowing that Satan already existed, why did God set up Adam and Eve to fall?

As a parent, I would not allow a confirmed thief and troublemaker to come anywhere near my innocent child. I would not even open the door to the possibility that harm could befall my child -- so why did God just let Satan roam free and initiate this whole scenario where billions of people will be endlessly tortured in hell for all eternity? Isn't all life precious?

A: Practically every established belief has the punishment of Hell as it's chief motivation for its followers to obey their version of God's rules. Thus, religion would not even exist without the threat of hell because religion does not paint a picture of God as a being you would just love to be with, but paints a picture of a powerful entity you must simply obey, or else. This has nothing to do with love -- on either side. In most cases, many beliefs paint a picture of an angry and judgmental god that does not appear to merit our love, thus the threat of hell is necessary, since at least, spending eternity with an angry and controlling God who may or may not bless you, is at least better than spending eternity in hell.

So our choice is this, obey the rules laid down by God -- and maybe, just maybe if you found the right set of rules to obey, then obey them to the letter -- every day, then maybe he'll love you enough to not commit you to eternal torture, otherwise, even if you followed the rules to the letter -- but they were the wrong rules, you will be tortured endlessly for all eternity.

Our God appears to be one where he has created a maze with 1000 exits, where only 1 leads to heaven and 999 lead to hell -- even though many clearly appear to lead to heaven.

Stepping back from this line of thinking, before we even begin to look at what a God of love would do, let's look at what a person of love would do.

Imagine you had 10 children that you loved with all your heart and you had a wonderful inheritance for them. What kind of maze would you build in order for them to receive their inheritance and how many misleading traps would you allow? How many of your children would allow to be shot, stabbed, starve, drown, or burned as they attempted to reach their inheritance? How little effort would you use to guide them and how many conflicting beliefs and ideas would you allow then to follow -- most leading to certain death?

I would hope you would not do or could not even fathom to do such a thing to your children -- and if you did, there is no way you could ever, ever convince anyone you loved them.

To truly fathom a God of Love, we must change many of the things we think are part of his creation. For a moment, imagine our God of Love did not create a hell and so there is no threat to control your obedience to him. What would this mean? This would mean that God would only receive your love if he was truly loveable -- and not because you had no other choice. Does the God we have written about in ages past, truly deserve our heart felt love because of all the beautiful and wonderful things he is reported to have done? Absolutely not -- and that's why these stories have to include the threat of hell, but a God who truly loves and never performed the atrocities written about him, would be an entity we could love.

For there to be a loving god, there is no hell and there is no controlling, angry, vengeful God. If all you do is to read the previous paragraphs closely to see the insanity of the idea of saying that a loving God would create a condition where you could be endlessly tortured, then you will have stepped closer to seeing a truly loving God.

Our life here is not the result of Satan tempting Adam or Eve, followed by God inflicting his judgement on all who were born since that time. Our life here is simply the result of us, Gods children, having chosen to attempt to do things separate from our creator and father. Everything that happens here is of our own making and has nothing to do with a war in heaven or any other crazy notion.

Our creator and father is a God of love. He created us as spiritual beings an eternity ago and we spent an eternity with him. Somewhere within this, we had a thought to do something separate, but that is not possible, so this non-spiritual or dream-like existence came into being.

We are now experiencing everything heaven is not because we are experiencing what we think it would be like if we had separated ourselves from God -- but this is all in our minds and nothing that happens here has any eternal effect. God knows our spirits are safe and are right where they always have been, but we appear to be sleeping to him since we are no longer communicating with him as we always had. He immediately spoke to us and we call this voice the Holy Spirit. What he spoke in one word was all we would need to know to wake up and join with him again. We just need to be quiet and listen.

Meanwhile, nothing that happens here can ever separate us from God -- because that is simply not possible. We can believe we are separate and we can dream we are separate and we can ignore our creator, but we can never truly separate ourselves from God and his love.

Jesus' mission was to show us a God of love and to demonstrate that nothing that happens here has any effect on your spirit. His forgiveness while on the cross demonstrates Gods real view of us as simply not knowing any better -- and we are simply treated by our loving God as handicapped children who do not know any better. He was never mad or angry and just wants to help us restore our memory of him and of ourselves.

When Jesus arose, he demonstrated that the body is not who you are. The body is not your beginning or your end, but simply a device you use while here. His resurrection demonstrated that nothing that happens here matters since nothing that happens here has any eternal effect -- and only things that are eternal are real since all physical things eventually fade away -- as does any bad dream.

Hell is separation from God, which is impossible. God created us as a part of him and what he created cannot be undone, but we can attempt to think we can separate from him -- and this line of thinking is what lead us to this manifestation of images and thoughts and projections that appear to us as though we had separated from him, but we have not. We can say this existance here is hell, but that is not correct since Hell cannot truly exist, so the closest you can say is that life in this physical reality is a shadowy reflection of what hell would be like if it could exist -- but this is simply an imagined thought that we will eventually awaken from.

God is love. God is peace. God is eternal bliss and connection.

David Nelmes David Nelmes - David considers it a wonderful blessing that his insight and writings can provide opportunities for others to see things from perspectives they had not considered before.
His base beliefs are founded on the principles established through studying "A Course In Miracles", which has helped him to pursue Gods truths with an open mind that is willing to see what God would have him see.

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